Chapter 24

You grab a pint before heading upstairs at The Hop.


Something appears to be wrong. Squeezing your way up the staircase, you can hear a band on stage, but you’ve clearly got you timetable wrong because the noise is obscenely loud, and you are quite sure The Do’s are a two piece.

Sliding your way into the main room you find that, yes, it is The Do’s on stage. They are just ridiculously heavy, in a low slung, deeply guttural sense. They’ve attracted an impressive following, a mix of loyal locals and curious newbies. They seem to thrive on the expectation.

Half way through the gig, a young girl far too excited to contain her joy to the pit jumps up on stage and busts some impressive moves. A silver haired photographer catches the moment, and you wonder if she will regret her flamboyance in the morning. Surely not.

You feel a rumble in your belly. That pint has left you peckish. As if in response, the belly of the person next to you experiences a rumbling belly too – almost loud enough to rival that of The Do’s.

You look at each other in mild embarrassment.

I hear the pies they are serving in Drury Lane are really rather excellent” the short ginger haired lady says. “Fancy a look?

Do you