Welcome to Long Division Super Adventure Story Fun Time, an interactive text adventure set at Long Division 2013.

What is this exactly? Well, as you may know, Long Division is run by a fanzine called Rhubarb Bomb. So, words are important to us, not just the sounds of the bands we book. We also like to do things that are pointless but fun. This is hopefully as least one of those.

So you will read a chapter and then be faced with a choice. Which bands will you go see? Which venues will you frequent? What will you do when faced with the odd characters that call Wakefield their home?

It’s a fun thing that will introduce you to some of the bands we have playing. It’s also a bit weird and goes off on tangents. It’ll kill some time. If you liked those old Choose Your Own Adventure Books, you might be well into it.

There are genuinely lots of different roots to take. The choices you make will affect how great a time you have in this imaginary version of Wakefield. And it’s not strictly chronologically accurate either. But hey, what’s a bit of time travel?

Now obviously, I am no computer programmer, so this is built in Blogger, which means it’s really easy to cheat. You can cheat if you want. There’s no prize at stake here. But perhaps it’s just better to go with the flow and see where you end up? That’s the Long Division way.

Ok, to begin, click on the START button below. Anything you see in capitals is kind of an instruction / option. In the first chapter you will get £30 for a cash machine. Make sure you keep track of your money as you spend it – it could be important later. And as you go through the game you’ll pick up objects too, which should be in red. It’s not complicated, I just thought I’d warn you.

So here you are. It’s June 8th, 2013, and you are on a train heading for Wakefield Westgate…