Chapter 23

You walk through the doors of Velvet cocktail bar. Is it too early for a cocktail? You decide not.


You sip your fruity beverage as you lean on the bar. Buen Chico politely launch into their opening number, which you (should) recognise as being from their brand new EP.

This is good cocktail music, you think, as you realise you’ve almost drunk half the thing already. The place is bustling nicely, some sat on the plush sofas round the corner, most stood scarily close to the band. Scary for the band that is. No-one in the audience seems to mind the close proximity. It’s a perfect mid-afternoon festival outing.

You take out your programme to decide where to head next. A gentlemanly figure gently nursing a pint of ale looks over your shoulder and mutters in a deep Yorkshire slur.

I’d check out The Do’s if I were you. Have you heard ‘em? Good eggs, them boys.” He scratches his chin with his spare hand in slow motion ponderance.

Though you’ve got Howard Marks in the theatre in ten minutes, it’s a tricky do Long Division int it?!” he chuckles quietly to himself then looks towards the empty stage, in quiet contemplation.

You feel this wise character speaks sense.

Do you