Chapter 35

You stumble up on to Westgate, dull thumping music pulsing out of every bar. People walk around in the middle of the road, cars beep their horns, all is confusion.

Whilst admiring this scene you inadvertently bump into a man in a bright yellow Long Division T-shirt. You realise it’s the guy who runs the whole show, and writes that fanzine, that Rhubarb Bomb you’ve seen lying around all day in the venues.

You tell him about your day and he listens intently to every detail, and seems happy, though very tired.

Aye, it’s certainly been a long day’ he tells you. ‘And I’ve got it all again tomorrow for the Fringe Festival. Anyway, good to see you, think I’m going to head back to mine, a few of us are going have a nightcap. I’ll see you soon, it was nice to meet you.

He turns to walk away. This might be your last chance to have a party this evening. You rack your brain – is there anything you can do to convince him to let you tag along?

If you