Chapter 34

You wake up, sat upright on a plush leather seat on the Foo Fighters Tourbus.

Out of the window you can see the never-ending beauty of the Scottish countryside. The coach is at a stop in a layby and all is quiet onboard.

It was quite a night, from what you can remember. Dave’s face when you showed him what you picked up at Long Division was one to treasure. The rest of the evening had devolved into a classic scene of rock and roll excess; at least, it did once Dave got his coffee. That man never stops. In fact, you can’t believe he’s stopped yet.

You get up and walk down the aisle of the coach and out of the door. The fresh air feels like spring water in your veins.

You walk over to the small van set up in the layby, serving breakfasts and pots of tea etc. You hear a man arguing.

You call that coffee?! Come on, the veins on my head are barely even twitching here, we need some fresh pots right here lady!

He sees you and relaxes.

Hey, it’s the new kid! How you doin? Listen, I spoke to Paulie back at the label and he says it’s cool – you can roadie the rest of the tour, if you’re up for it?

You think back to the bizarre set of circumstances that led to this moment in the middle of nowhere, in another country.

Defo’ you tell him, ‘but there’s just one thing. You have to come back and play at Long Division in 2014…

Dave Grohl smiles to himself and sips the weak coffee.

Well, let’s see what we can do…