Chapter 32

You walk into Warehouse 23 to the closing strains of what was clearly an epic set from Middleman. A thousands hands reach to the sky to applaud the last band of the day.

It’s been a great day, and you head to the bar.


The after-party has kicked off with some DJs spinning some classic Indie tunes. The place is seriously moving and you catch sight of bands and faces from the long day, every other person seems to be wearing a Long Division T-shirt.

You dance the night away. Your legs become tired, aching and in need of rest. You are out of money and it is now late; a full fourteen hours since you set off up Westgate.

You head outside and ponder. You don’t want this to end. But penniless, with legs about to give, it probably makes sense that you should go home.

You spy a 2p coin on the floor. You bend to pick it up and decide to leave the decision up to fate. Heads or Tails. One means you go home. The other means to head up Westgate one last time.

Do you