Chapter 25

The biggest crowd you’ve seen all day awaits you within the bowels of Warehouse 23. You anticipate an epic gig. You get a pint to warm yourself into the place.


You find a good spot in the centre of the venue, just as Obaro takes to the stage. 

Immediately a sinister set of beats and blips burn out of the PA. “I need to turn back before the sun goes down on my heart” he sings. Cold synths chug and grind through the rhythms growing a deep sense of dread and atmosphere. But then the sound rises, upwards, with shafts of light shining forth over these clever and dark vignettes of every day life.

More than any other show so far today, this takes you to another place, far beyond geography, far beyond the constraints of your feeble and increasingly tired body. It’s a complete masterclass in individuality – you just can’t pin down the sounds you are hearing. It’s majestic.

It’s time to keep this buzz going. So what’s next?