Chapter 21

You find a bench on the main precinct and sit down. Wakefield is a funny place. Opposite you is chain bar Reflex and some other bars called Bing Bada Boom and HD Sports Bar. They look dark and grey at this hour, yet sit below what were clearly impressive buildings at some point in their past. The remnants of grand banks and picture houses filter through, the longer you sit there.

A man wearing lime green tracksuit bottoms and a plain white T-shirt sits down next to you. He speaks in a friendly but clipped tone. He shakily takes three packs of cigarettes out of his pocket, clumsily dropping them on the floor and asks if you smoke. Before you can answer, he throws a whole pack your way and says "All yours, buddy."


He lights one himself and begins talking about the previous night. You suspect he may not have slept for at least 24 hours, as he twitchily recounts his story in a non-linear fashion. After some time you notice the distant strains of a band playing, from the direction of the Hop. The man, who you now know to be called Kenny, says that he likes you and thinks there's a real bond between you. He says he is off to a pub just round the corner and says you should come with him. He begins to walk away.

Do you: