Chapter 8

As you walk down the cobbles of Bank Street the tones of the opening band The Sunbeams become clearer. You enter The Hop courtyard and see a healthy crowd, many already enjoying their first pint of the day. You skip up to the ticket exchange and receive your wristband from the friendly and welcoming staff. You get yourself a programme.

As you walk away the exchange staff are dealing with a glum looking man and his friend; you gather that this year's festival has actually sold out and the man is being turned away. "I'm glad I had the forethought to buy my ticket in advance" you think to yourself as you head through to see the first band of the day.

Upstairs at The Hop and here they are, rock and roll purists, The Michael Ainsley Band. Pure pop-punk perfection, things could not kick off in better style.

The band own the stage, the sound is loud and crisp and the passion contagious. They storm through their set like they are playing Wembley Stadium, like they’ll never be allowed to play their instruments ever again. The room fills steadily over the all too short half hour and a huge applause brings the first performance of the day to a close.

The room begins to steadily empty, each audience members appetite adequately whet for the day ahead.

Do you: