Chapter 5

Velvet Cocktail bar is awash with punters – most are supping cool beers, but a few have already moved on to the more exotic delights of Mojitos, Manhattens and Strawberry Daiquiris.

On stage is Jonnythefirth, who has already played a set earlier in the day with CryBabyCry. He’s got a one man band setup, which is pretty impressive in itself. The audience is hooked on the straight up blues influenced stomp-rock noise making.

If there were a five piece making this kind of disturbance, you may not turn you head, but seeing the limbs and mouth of just one guy co-ordinate all those elements if hypnotic. You feel dead chuffed you made it down to see this, a real treasure.

Jonnythefirth has raised your festival game, you feel. It’s time to move on, but you face a tricky choice.

Do you