Chapter 4

You arrive at Warehouse 23 eager for some no nonsense hard rocking indie goodness.

(this is a really exciting part of the story. For added dramatic effect, I recommend you listen to THIS as you read).

The Spills take to the stage as you work your way into the middle of the impressive crowd. There’s a strong stench of anticipation in the air. You hear people talking of their legendary slot in 2011, opening the first ever Long Division. There’s other talk about how their new songs will match up to their spectacular debut album. And there’s a fair few clearly just ready to get down to some good-old jumping around going mental type shenanigans. It’s that kind of day.

Before you know it, the band let rip with their first tune. Slow and gentle at first, it erupts into a fine emotional and melodic piece of indie-rock. The crowd get into it, people are moving around. In fact it’s getting pretty crazy in there. You are now firmly wedged in a full moshpit, the momentum of the massing early evening revellers now completely controlling your destiny. You are going to have to find your way out of this maze of sweating Long Divisioners if you have any hope of seeing any other bands today.

Do you