Chapter 38A

You each take a gulp of the strange coloured liquids, long held dormant in the cellar of this abandoned library. That thought – of long term solitary - crosses your mind and you suddenly wonder if this was a good idea.

From the eerie darkness, light appears. A wavy light seems to trickle in the doorway back towards the stairs you first came down. It is yellow, then blue, then red, and seems to hug the walls, or at least where you think the walls should be. They don’t seem so cold and harsh any more. They look warm, and with the colours running over like a waterfall running horizontal, like they are made of tiny shards of glass, or hundred of marbles sewn together.

You point it at your friends and press a button, you aren’t sure which. They disappear before your eyes and the light fades from the room. You try to sit down, but fall through the floorboards (wasn’t the floor made of stone?) and into some dark heap, some deep hole, some cold place.

You wake up. The room is dark once more, the basement chill feels like a living thing, waiting around every corner. But there are no corners. You find your way upstairs again. The place is empty and dark too. Through the circular Victorian windows, you can see it is night time. No wait, there is a distant light. You climb out through a window and see the rising sun in the distance, down the empty street. It is Sunday. You missed Long Division, stupid.