Chapter 19

The theatre looks resplendent in it’s finery, even more so when filled to capacity with eager punters.

You have a great spot, right on the front row, and you relax in your velvet chair feeling rather pleased with yourself about the excellent spot you have searched out.

Jeffrey arrives on stage to rapturous applause. This almost feels like a homecoming show, such is the enthusiasm from the audience. He is joined by the polite looking Peter Stampfel and other assorted backing musicians – including Fenic from The Wave Pictures, you notice.

The set is, of course, sublime. Jeff seems genuinely thrilled to be in Wakefield and he jokes with the crowd between the excellent, quirky, perfectly constructed songs.

About halfway through the band slip into an instrumental, at which point Jeff pulls out a sketchpad. He looks around the front row of the audience and spies your rather beautiful face. He smiles. He definitely likes your face. He begins to draw it as the band continue to improvise.

As they come to a close, he rips the drawing from his sketchpad and holds it up to the audience. Your face gets a massive round of applause. He quickly signs it, hands it to you and informs the audience “Ok, this next one is called Cult Boyfriend.”


The show ends, all too quickly. It was one you will remember for a very long time, but you simply don’t want to leave.