Chapter 16

The twisted sound of Imp reverberates out through the ancient stone work of Drury Lane Library. Like five crazed scientists of sound forced to work side by side in a laboratory on their separate but equally evil experiments, each seems to pull in a different direction. Then; gang vocals tie it all together. The crowd builds as the set moves towards a sublime climax.

The gig has finished are you are mentally and physically drained. You grab a pint at the bar.


The next band are setting up, the madness of a few minutes previous now blown like a draft out of the window. Did that just really happen?

A young chap with plaid shirt, curly bond hair and a friendly, cherub like face appears round the corner of a door, wide-eyed, amazed. He clocks you: “Hey, you wanna see something cool?

You follow him through the door and down some stone stairs into the underground of the library. There are several empty concrete rooms, unlit.

Check out what we’ve found down here” he says.

You follow towards the back of the largest room and find two members of Imp stood around an old wooden chest, the top opened up. Guiding you in with their lighters, you see a collection of books and papers, sheet music and old photos. It smells funny too, an odd damp lingers over it all. There’s doesn’t seem to be any connection between the things in there.

Then, right at the bottom is a velvet case. It has a gentile metal padlock holding it secure. On the top it says “Don’t open this. Seriously. It’s a really bad idea.

The cherub like chap suddenly becomes nervous.

I don’t like this, we should put it back” he says, with nerves.

Don’t think so’ says another of the group. ‘Could be something totally frickin’ awesome in there!

Well I’m out of here. My band is on soon anyway so, erm, I have to linecheck and that. Sorry. You coming?

Do you