Chapter 15

You walk through the main doors of what was once Drury Lane Library. The outside of the building is grand and gorgeous, set in sandstone with ornate windows. The large wooden doors give way to a surprisingly vast space. Wooden shelving coats the outer edge of the walls, but the main space is just a big square space of nothing. Least, it would be, were it not for all the people ready to see local heroes, Piskie Sits.

The stage is set between two large pillars and the band amble onto the stage, launching into their notorious slacker-pop-rock.

You spy merchandise and food stalls in smaller rooms and what appears to be a large bar in another. Over to one side, some of the shelves are covered in fanzines, mainly old issues of Rhubarb Bomb. Setting them out carefully is a man in a Long Division ‘Crew’ T-shirt, who looks mildly stressed.

Eyup’ he says to you. ‘Having a good day?

He opens up a box and pulls out five bright pink books. On the front they say The City Consumes Us. The man sees you looking.

It’s a book I wrote last year. About the fanzine and Wakefield music and stuff like that. Still got some left, not many though.

You flick through and notice it comes with a CD too.

Loads of exclusives on there you know – including The Cribs! Can buy one if you like. Sorry for shamelessly trying to flog these in the middle of a story… I mean, in the middle of a festival, but I’m hoping to move house soon. Would be great to have got rid of them. Though they are good, too, as it happens.

There is a hush, and then applause, as the Piskie Sits finish their song.

Do you: