Chapter 12


You arrive at The Hop and hear the faint strains of Sky Larkin blasting through the allegedly soundproof windows from upstairs.

In the upstairs room you are thrilled to see that the love this amazing band encourage has not dwindled in the three or four years since they were last in Wakefield.

The drummer – surely he has calmed down a bit since the days of him performing a Hulk-Smash on every drum, on every beat? Nope, he’s still got it, annihilating the kit. You momentarily feel sorry for whichever band has to use it after him.

The band, after a luscious show at Live At Leeds, are back in full swing now, this time as a four piece. Kate owns the stage but it’s the mix of pop and that unhinged power and aggression that makes for such a captivating show. A real classic, you think as the lights come up. Where did thirty minutes just go?

You glance out of those windows, close to shattering surely from the pounding they have taken thus far today. The sun is visible in the sky, slowly sinking its way out of view. The night is coming. And a very difficult decision faces you. What kind of headliner do you want? It’s the coin-flip of a potentially life changing experience with one of the most inspiring, yet unpredictable bands of all time versus staying right where you are and getting the best square foot of hardened venue flooring in the city for one of most consistently brilliant, euphoric and heart-warming bands ever to grace a festival stage. Well, which will it be?

Do you