Chapter 1

You step from the train onto the platform of Wakefield Westgate train station. Clear of the busy carriage, the fresh air hits you clean in the face and the bright summer sun warms your shoulders. As the train heads onwards, you follow the crowd through the main part of the station. You spot a few people in Long Division T-Shirts of years gone by, one girl in a Pavement hoodie. You strain your eyes as you finally step out of the station and into the shining June morning of Wakefield.

There is a cash machine directly outside the station. You walk to it and draw out funds for the day. You place them in your wallet next to your LONG DIVISION TICKET.


You walk out of the station and see the ornate Elephant & Castle pub stood proud before you. The consideration of a quick pint flashes through your mind but you sense it will be a long day and you don't want to burn out too quickly. A quick left turn takes you up towards Westgate itself, the main road for pubs and clubs in Wakefield. The vast Unity Hall lies to your right and Wakefield Theatre Royal to your left. You catch sight of equipment being loaded in to the theatre. Amongst the weekend shoppers and Saturday traffic you can sense the excitement of the day ahead.

You catch site of a group of people heading towards the ticket exchange at The Hop. You check your watch. It is 11:50.

Do you: